A set of instructions must be coded for a computer to function, as these programmed languages are the bearers of task completion.

A computer, similarly, accepts user instructions in the form of computer code and then does the work.

Software Programming Characteristics

The following are the main characteristics of a computer program, which is a set of instructions that assists a computer in performing a given task:

  • It guarantees that the specified instructions are followed to the letter.
  • It ensures that the specified instructions are carried out in the correct order.
  • Explains whether the input (data) provided is correct or insufficient and provides a result appropriately.
  • It is written in a sophisticated style.

Steps to Creating a Program

The type of problem and requirement determines the programming language’s development. However, the following steps are usually (but not always) included in the development of a computer language:

Identifying the Issue

This is the initial step, which involves defining the problem.

Task and Methods Analysis

Following the definition of the problem, the developer examines and develops several solutions to solve the problem before settling on the best possible solution.

Algorithm Development

The algorithm is a method for displaying the correct solution in logical and practical phases. Flowcharts and pseudocodes are commonly used to represent algorithms.

Algorithm Verification

The method cannot be used immediately once it has been built; instead, it must be tested for accuracy. If there is a mistake, it is corrected and resolved right away. Time, money, and energy are all saved through the verification process.


After completing the basic processes and phases, the real coding of a program in the selected programming language begins.

Program evaluation

Another important component is the testing of program code development. Because program code is prone to errors, testing ensures error-free. The developer continues to test and correct the coding until it is completed.


The developer’s task is to document all of these features and stages once the coding and programming are completed successfully. The documentation for the application advises users on how to run and operate it.


The produced codes (programming language) are installed in the computer system for end-users after the processes above are completed successfully. The users also have instruction manuals describing how to run the various apps.